Sound healing and ceramic workshop at Open Hearts Lisbon

On Saturday the 23rd July 2022, Kintu Studio partnered with Open Hearts Lisboa, a wellness centre in the heart of Bairro Alto. We had organised a serene, calming experience for our clients, comprising of a sound healing session led by Hanna from Open Hearts; a short break for some homemade food; followed by a ceramic workshop led by Julia, one of Kintu's ceramic specialists, allowing our guests to reflect on their experience in a creative manner.

so8nd healing lisbon
Hanna's sound healing session was highly successful as the use of the crystal singing bowls surrendered our guests into a natural, bliss state of consciousness. Each guest appeared to be extremely relaxed post sound healing, letting them enjoy a freshly prepared superfood salad made by the chef of Open Hearts. The salad consisted of quinoa, beetroot, rocket, and carrots accompanied by a delicious homemade multivitamin juice, reinvigorating the guests before they got their hands dirty in the ceramic class.

vegan food

open hearts Lisbon salad

For the ceramic session, Julia introduced the step-by-step method of how to shape and mould the clay as well as mentioning what colours of paint represent what mood and the connotations they hold. Every guest made a beautiful piece, personal to them. The ceramics are then to go into the kiln, in order to strengthen the clay and after, it is glazed and placed back into the kiln for a final blitz meaning it will be resistant to liquids. Our guests are then able to come and collect them in the next couple of weeks as memorabilia from the experience. 

ceramic workshop in Lisbon


ceramic workshop Lisbon
We are excited to see what the future holds as we continue to collaborate with Open Hearts, Lisboa! Thank you to everybody who joined us on our day of self-care and reflection. We hope to see you again soon!