Booze & Tattoos & fine art curated by Kintu Studio

Something's been cooking behind the scenes of Kintu Studio. The only thing we will say is that it was related to natural wine, Italian food, and fine crafts :)
collection of fine arts displayed

This time we were hosted (together with Casa Angelita) at Ippolito & Maciste, our forever favourite Italian wine place.
entrance of a bar surrounded by plantsa barman serving drinks inside of a bar

As always, there was a collection of everything we love: unique pieces, flash tattoos, Italian food and natural wine. We think there's nothing better than sharing some good bites with friends in a nice place while looking at a cool art collection.
people sitting in a terrace and drinking at nighta man sitting on a terrace enjoing winea close look of a collection of fine arts displaed in a table
Thank you all for making our Wednesday so memorable. See you again very, very soon.

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Text by: Gracia Carles Castellón