Welcome to Kintu Studio everyone! Kintu Studio is essentially a project with the objective of fostering and promoting products hand-crafted by our remarkable Portugal-based artists! We have established an eccentric, warm space in our capital city that explores and highlights the diverse selection of creations we have to offer. Not only this, but we implement a consumer culture purely based on fine quality, sustainability as well as contributing to this Southern European country’s growth and development.

The beauty of this project is that each product we sell is available globally, allowing even the newest of artists to ascertain themselves on an international scale all while representing their heritage and Portugal itself. Every artist and designer has their own USP and aptitudes that allows them to stylishly differ in many unique ways.

In addition, each month we work in partnership with companies and artists primarily in Lisbon to hold events which provide opportunities such as ceramic workshops, art exhibitions and tattoo pop-ups. So keep an eye out on our social media pages and our website for upcoming happenings!


A word from the owner…

Hi, I’m Sylwia and I’m originally from Poland but currently live in Lisbon, Portugal. Having lived in other places such as Berlin and Rio De Janeiro, it was only in Lisbon where I truly felt at home. I founded Kintu in 2019 during the pandemic which thankfully gave me plenty of time to establish my brand and aesthetic through my website along with reaching out to artists in the hope they would be keen to collaborate. In a short space of time, with the help of social media, events and pop-ups, Kintu grew and gradually turned into Kintu Studio! Which brings me to present day where each week we are sourcing new, bespoke, one-of-a-kind products.   

                            Rua Poiais de São Bento 58, Lisboa 


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