This February we gave a proposal for a kinky themed event to celebrate this month of sensuality and art. Through the proposal, we gathered 10 artists working in different mediums and styles who made an exclusive kinky collection of artistic masterpieces. 




On a sunny Saturday, 11th of February 2024, we gathered in São Bento at Kintu Studio in the beautiful city centre of Lisbon to reveal what the artists have created. People were welcomed with non-alcoholic wine and kombucha from ABC: Awesome Beverage Co. and craft sodas from Why Not Soda, as well as handmade and sustainable natural wine from APRT3 which made this unique blend of art and exquisite taste an unforgettable experience.






In this relaxed and cozy atmosphere, visitors and artists could exchange their ideas, interests and how they see the world. Artists would explain the inspiration and ideas behind their pieces to give everyone an insight into their own worlds of creativity and artistry.







To close off this sensual journey, we served a cake made by a upcoming cake artist, but of course we had to do it in a unique way with and interesting twist - serving the cake in cabbage leaves sparked many laughs, conversations and overall a good time.



If you missed this event, don’t worry because we are cooking up many more interesting events in the upcoming months! See you soon. :)


Special thanks to:

Why Not soda (@whynotsoda), delectable premium craft soda brand from Portugal and with their range of flavor. Find more -
ABC: Awesome Beverage Co. (, a community of beverage enthusiasts who champion flavor over format, promoting smart non-alcoholic wine alternatives in Lisbon and beyond. Find more -
APRT3 (@aprt3_wines), handmade and sustainable natural wine makers. Find more -
Sugar Daddy (@s.u.g.a.r___d.a.d.d.y), upcoming cake artist who created a special kinky treat. Find more -

📸 Kora Rogina