At the beginning of the SAUDADE project, a secular gesture of Portuguese farmers: tore their old clothes and linens into strips of fabric to create “mantas de trapos”, literally rag blankets. These durable multi-use blankets became vintage rugs sought after for their raw beauty.

In Portugal, there are very few weavers still practicing this practice over the long term. It is in the north of the country, especially in the Beira Alta region, that we found them.

Saudade creations reflect the blend of traditional crafts from yesteryear and modern artistic interpretations. All our products are handmade with upcycled materials because what matters the most is to preserve the most important heritage: Mother Nature!

About the founder, Christelle Rasteiro:

“I’ve been working for 20 years for luxury brands. Now, I want to get a tribute to my family and Portuguese craftsmanship. My grandmother used to weave rugs in our village in the mountains of North Portugal. These rugs were made of old clothes and linen because they had limited resources. What if we reinvent this secular know how to have a positive impact on earth?“