Product Design


During her childhood, Mónica Pinto was given the nickname of Mokina, so the brand MOKKI naturally emerged as an extension of her own life and essence. For MOKKI, art is humanity´s purest form of expression, where all questions, doubts and restlessness of soul and mind become matter.

MOKKI is a design project proud of its own history and roots, passionate about beauty, design, emotions, evolution, deeply connected to the Atlantic influence and open minded thinkers.

At MOKKI, they are strongly committed to bringing pieces and objects that can tell you a story, creating an environment of beauty and emotions. Each MOKKI object is manufactured in a complete and sustainable way in Portugal, combining the human spirit with craftsmanship, craftsmanship with new technologies, working with companies specialized in crafts throughout the country.

Their creative studio, based in Sintra, is where they imagine, create and design all their collections, and develop customized projects in accordance with high standards of quality and sustainability. Artist-designer Mónica Pinto was born in 1977, in northern Spain, Galicia, and spent most of her childhood between Spain and the north of Portugal. She graduated in Fine Arts, Decorative Painting, Restoration, Faux Effets and Frescoes at the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation and at the School of Restoration and Recovery of Heritage and Design of the National Society of Fine Arts. Currently, she has her own studio in Sintra, Portugal.

Driven by her own vision and passion, where memories are an integral part of the images produced, nouns such as memory, history, poetry shape and define her personal and daily universe. In 2016, she decides to launch her own brand, MOKKI Design. For her, "design is the translation of art through a conscious thinking of everything that makes our environment more special"; as such, in all the pieces and lighting objects she creates, one can perceive and breathe a narrative of emotions, memories and experiences – stories, as opposed to the mere projection of lamps or objects. Monica and Nazareth are real-life mother and daughter, and they both gathered their own experiences, dedication and creativity to start their journey with MOKKI and pursue what they truly love.

Believing that with initiative, creativity and constant improvement they will create opportunities and growth, they are strongly committed to the passion behind the brand, continuing to share Beauty, Emotion, Experiences, Dreams and Art in each piece, enjoying each stage of their journey.