Home Decor Design

M Teresa Lucas


Teresa Lucas started her academic path in Fashion Design. After graduating, Lucas worked in the textile industry, sourcing fabrics as well in hospitality and management positions.
What had begun as a hobby to unwind during the beginning of lockdown, quickly became a passion. Having learnt how to crochet via video call with her mother, Lucas felt the urge to learn more about yarn through both ancient and modern techniques. From crochet and amigurumi creation, to latch hook and punch needle, the creations got bigger and more complex leading her to discover tufting. Nowadays, these techniques are all mixed together at her studio M3za.
Since her Fashion Design days, bizarre, loud, and colourful pieces have always had a presence in her creations divulging natural and organic elements. Colour block flowers and sparkly stars mixed with 70’s lava lamps and fun patterns à la Memphis Group sounded like a party to Theresa.
Lucas now creates rugs and wall tapestries, as well as other home décor elements. Lucas believes every house deserves joyful pieces that mirror one’s personality and mood.  Her creations are meant to be playful and bring happiness to the room they inhabit.

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