Spend a great time on the seaside of Lisbon at the beautiful beach of Costa Caparica with your friends, family or significant other in a small, personalized workshop. We will meet you there, where we will have everything ready to start upon your arrival. We want to offer participants maximum comfort - we will prepare a comfortable set-up in a nice spot with a privileged view of the sea. You will be sitting on soft cushions on top of linen sheets, and the wine will be served in a glass, which is the only right way!

First, we will have an appetizer while we enjoy the view and introduce ourselves. Then, we will teach you the basic techniques of how to work with clay. Working with clay is so relaxing and fun. It doesn't matter whether you have experience or not. This workshop is designed for all levels - beginners are welcome! Your instructor, Julia, is a very experienced artist and will know how to guide you.

During this activity, you will be offered 4 different wines for tasting. All of them have been carefully chosen by Izabela, a wine specialist with many years of experience in wine journalism and the host of one of the most popular wine-themed YouTube channels. Each tasting will be accompanied by an expert explanation of the wine's origin and characteristics among other interesting facts. We will make sure your glass is never empty :)
Enjoy the pleasure of building something with your own hands and the satisfaction of bringing your own creations home! As the cherry on top, you will experience the unique view of the sunset in one of the most unique places in Lisbon. We look forward to meeting you!

Note: Upon request, we offer champagne tasting as well. This option would of course increase the price per person and must be previously solicited.


A boy and a girl working ceramics with their handsA girl using a tool to shape her ceramic workView of people's hands working ceramicGirl pouring wine in a glassA group of three people drinking wine from a glass at the beachZoom on a boy's hands giving shape to a piece of ceramicA boy working on ceramic at the beachSet up for a ceramic workshop at the beach consisting of a blanket, some cushions, glasses of wine and ceramic working tools

More information about your guides in this experience.

Picture of Izabela Kaminska drinking red wine from a glass

Izabela Kaminska

Strong and recognizable female figure - one of the very few in the Polish World of Wine, Izabela created something very special - a YouTube wine show called "Ale wino"; in which, together with the co-host, Tomasz Czudowski, she introduces the world of wine to the viewers by tasting, sharing the story behind the wines and winemakers, and inviting special guests from various fields related to wine. Izabela worked for the wine magazine "Winicjatywa" and two food magazines – "SMAK" and “KUKBUK”. She is also a passionate wine educator who teaches in the Polish department of the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust). She also organizes tastings, masterclasses and wine courses (in three languages: Polish, French and English) opened for the public in different cities of Poland and Portugal, where she lives now.


Red Figure Studio

Born in Burgos, Spain, Red Figure Studio left her hometown at the age of 18 to study Arts in Madrid (Spain), where she gained an interest in contemporary illustration. She has been living and travelling abroad since 2014. Her creative work is inspired by traditional patterns, colours, forms and artistic expressions from the various places she has visited over the years. She established herself in Portugal, where she started working with ceramics. Her creation process consists of combining pottery and illustration, giving birth to unique artisan pieces.  Nowadays she's a well-established ceramic artist in Lisbon, where she also teaches new aspirants how to master the best clay hand-working techniques.