The entrance in the field of plastic arts raised in the artist a new beginning, both personal and in meeting everything she aspired to. The imaginary could be created without limitations, experimentation had no limits.

In Lisbon still at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where without knowing much where to go Eva decided to escape from the keyboard attached to communication design and cling to the clay. Everything comes from the hands, from precision, from the way of positioning and shaping the clay.

Later, a naturalistic sculptural side began to be quite present in the collections. It was in Paris, where he studied for about 6 months and did an internship in a ceramic atelier. Where the artist explored more and more pieces and ornaments, without fear, only with the objective of exteriorizing and representing her floral imaginary in unique pieces and with soul.

She also gives classes and small ceramic workshops in order to invite curious and adventurous people to explore the world of ceramics.