Luísa Vilar is a product designer who graduated in Equipment Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, where she acquired a great passion for ceramics.

Since her college days, influenced by her inspiring ceramics teacher and by the theories learned in anthropology classes about the origin of the first objects, she became interested in the shaping of the human body, using it for the benefit of ceramics. But it was only later that she began to develop more deeply the concept of utilitarian pieces made from the curvatures of the human body.

Stumbling upon several difficulties in her path, she could not always practice pottery constantly, thus interrupting her path. In 2019, she returned to Portugal and decided to find her brand, Dirtydishes. Featuring an aesthetic and concept greatly influenced by Luísa's personal experiences, Dirtydishes is a very intimate brand. In addition to her personal experiences, Luísa has several inspirations – among them, the documentary "Female Pleasure", by Barbara Miller, the "Nasty Gal" song, by Betty Davis, or even the statue "Pietà", by Michelangelo. Dirtydishes intends to challenge the barriers between art and design, providing utilitarian pieces that can also function as sculptures talking about feminist messages.

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