Glass Artist

Catarina Pececho


Catarina Nogueira Pacheco (1987) is a designer and creative consultant based in Lisbon, Portugal. Author of 'Colour Conversations' and 'Light Echoes', designs and edits exclusive collections in glass in collaboration with master glass blowers in Portugal. Seeking poetic views in design, Catarina launched a limited edition of 'Light Echoes', inspired by the reflection of light and color in a physical context.


Holding a Bachelor in Design (FAUL Lisbon, 2011), Catarina studied at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne (CH) and graduated with a Master in Product Design. With global experience, Catarina worked on international design studios and brands in Basel, London, Lisbon and Paris.

Pieces from her collection, 'Light Echoes' can be found in store or online.