Anna Demidova is a Lisbon-based Russian ceramics artist and an interior designer. She was born and grew up in the south of Russia, Krasnodar city.

Since childhood she has been obsessed with art, design and fashion. It inspires her to create something new.

2 year ago she opened for herself ceramic world and since then it’s her passion. She has been taking ceramic classes during one month in a local studio in a hometown. And so has begun her ceramic journey. Clay makes her happy. Ceramics give her an opportunity to work with a shape in a free environment. The shape is a key. That’s why mostly she doesn’t use a glaze. Through a free clay body she can pass on her knowledge and feelings. In many cases she is using the clay intuitively. She keeps a concept in her mind and then improvises. The clay is such a good material that connects hands and an imagination. ​One year ago Anna moved to Lisbon, Portugal to get a new life and art experience. During last summer she understood that her path and product design can’t be separate. At the end of 2020 she participated in the exhibitions in Paris and Lisbon.