Healthy Amenities

"We aim to create luxury amenities that would be healthy for the skin, while upholding biological preservation of the collected plants, ensuring that cultivated plants had no pesticides, as well as using plastic-free packaging."

In a subtle manner, more impressive than the aromas themselves, 8950 brings the spirit of the mountains and rivers to urban spaces and human affairs.

From the fragrant mountains of the Serra do Caldeirão [in the North-East Algarve], 8950 has created an aroma with tangy freshness that exudes scents of melissa and rosemary, warm and sweet tones of carob and myrtle, the unforgettable scent of rockweed, all emulsified in aloe vera, vegetable glycerine, grape seed oil and other naturally sourced substances to produce a liquid soap, shampoo, and body lotion, packaged in ceramic bottles from Alcobaça.