Luciana Florence



This ceramic collection by the talented Luciana Florence is inspired by tarot cards!

This piece is ready to hang on the wall. You can combine several pieces and make a very beautiful and original decoration.


In a general context, the Eight of Swords can represent feeling trapped, confined, restricted or backed into a corner or having your hands tied. It signifies fear, terror, anxiety and psychological issues. It is a Minor Arcana card of hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness, slavery, persecution and being silenced or censored.  You will be feeling the pressure when this appears and may be in crisis or going through a dilemma or drama. However, the overall theme of this card is that you are the one keeping yourself in this situation through negative thinking and allowing yourself to be paralysed by fear. The swords depicted in the card are surrounding you but you can take the blindfold off and walk away at any time! This card also represents consequences and judgement which may take the form of trial by jury, imprisonment and punishment. 


8 x 6 cm

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