Graça Paz

Sinopse 7


"2021 is for me the year of the time-concept. Not the one I have By default but the one I have learned from all the recent changes, and when I say recent I don't mean just 2020. I mean what comes from the outside and changes forever our inside. These watercolors are talking about time and the path that fades behind us. There is no return.
So, like a mantra that we repeat incessantly and that helps us to focus on the now, here the mantra sings a symphony that we are not used to, it sings that Haste can wait

In watercolor the rush does not exist. It claims time without guilt. It needs it unhurried so that it can slowly and in the course of water travel its way expanding but without haste.

This is how I want to live, with the deep knowledge that haste can wait."

                                                                                                         Graça Paz

Medium- Watercolor on cotton paper handmade in India
Dimension- 17x24x3
Frame- Plexiglass box with wood behind.

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