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Mokki Mondrian

Mondrian is a hanging lamp that combines the concept of modernity with its own 19th century aesthetics. XX, a reduction of shapes, lines and nuclei in pure balance that reinforce their harmony. A cluster of strong cores broken by the force of black and white light, which makes us stop the look. The name of this piece immediately refers us to its inspiration, the painter Mondrian and the current of Neoplasticism, with the search for clean elements, reduction of pure shapes and lines.  This luminaire arose from an idea that she had for some time in the subconscious and that by putting on paper she wanted not only to serve as a source of enlightenment, but also to be able to transmit something else. During the creative process of the first model was experimenting as different cores and dimensions of the pieces. Interestingly, a mistake that arose in the compositions and that was part of the whole creative process is then deconstructed in the composition and final balance of the piece.  Mondrian is made completely in colored acrylic, with a direct and an indirect light source, the light source is LED and also incorporates the possibility of regulating the light intensity with remote control by command. The piece has a different view on all its 4 sides and a reflection of light on the acrylics taking advantage of their cores and reflections of them.  

Light source included DIMABLE LED with radio frequency remote control 230V, 75W, 2700 K, IP20 4000 Lumens direct lighting 1300 Lumens indirect lighting
132cm length x 12x12cm height and width


This product will take 6-8  weeks to produce it and have it ready for shipping.

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