Graça Paz

Love Letter 6


Love Letter


"There are works done in series that are conversations that come out of me onto paper, and you can't really do just one. I have always been a writer of love letters in my relationships, and little notes and papers. One day I had a boyfriend who did this to me too, curiously enough, born on the same day as me, and I had the pleasure of feeling what I have always done for others. Even today, when I open a book, sometimes there are little notes written on it that make me smile. They are little kisses that have been left behind, forgotten.

People pass through a new life and leave a little of themselves and take a little of us, and the cycle is fulfilled.

These works are in a way inspired by this love, which I consider unconditional, because it is given without expecting anything in return. They are little love letters that resemble kisses. " - Graça Paz

As Tom Jobim says
"... for there are fewer little fishes swimming in the sea than the little kisses I will give in your mouth "

Medium- Watercolor on cotton paper, Rag paper, handmade paper ordered from India.

Measurements - 17x23x3

Plexiglass frame specially designed for these works and with colors that close the frame.

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