Luciana Florence

L'Hermite Plate


This ceramic collection by the talented Luciana Florence is inspired by tarot cards!


The Hermit Tarot card in an upright position generally indicates that you are entering a period of soul searching, self-reflection and spiritual enlightenment. You may find that you need time alone to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, to remove yourself from the daily grind in order to discover your true spiritual self, contemplate your existence, your direction in life or your values. The Hermit can also indicate isolating yourself or withdrawing into oneself in order to recover from a difficult situation. This Major Arcana trump card can suggest that you may be going through an anti-social phase where you just don’t want to interact with people as much as you normally would. The Hermit is wise, mature and knowledgeable and may be an indication of someone seeking the services of a counsellor or psychiatrist.  This is a time to focus on yourself and meeting your own needs.


21,5 x 21,5 cm

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