Luciana Florence

L' Impereur


This ceramic collection by the talented Luciana Florence is inspired by tarot cards!

This piece is ready to hang on the wall. You can combine several pieces and make a very beautiful and original decoration.


As a person, The Emperor represents an older man who is good in business and usually wealthy. The Emperor is a solid, stable man. He is a powerful, grounded protector but he also can be rigid and stubborn. This can be a father or father-figure type or an older man you are romantically involved with. The Emperor is a hard task master and has little time for fun and frivolity. Children of The Emperor can struggle with father issues as falling short of his high expectations can affect their self-esteem. If The Emperor Tarot card appears in a past position, this Major Arcana card can indicate that the father figure in your life was authoritarian and that, while he had your best interests at heart, he may have struggled to show affection. If it appears in the present or future it’s a much better omen as it indicates a wise older man who will give you solid advice which, if you follow it, will lead you in the right direction. Generally, if not representing a person in your life, The Emperor signifies the dominance of logic over emotion and of the mind over the heart. It signifies that concentration, structure, stability and focus is required if you want to make your ideas and dreams a reality. The Emperor upright can represent fatherhood.


8 x 6 cm

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