Kit Diy Macramé Bag


By Cord Design

We used the traditional methods of cord art and created a "Do It Yourself" KIT from a practical and modern bag to take with you everywhere.

This kit contains:

  • QR code / link to access the tutorial video
  • 4 metal rings
  • 60.2m of 4mm 100% cotton rope pre-cut to lenght
  • 1 card bord ruler
  • 1 cotton lining bag 

This Kit is suitable for beginners. As extra material you will need scissors and tape. You can also use the help of a hanger holder or a coat hanger. We have the most detailed explanation of the knots on our YouTube channel so you can use it as a support.

Any questions send an email to or get in touch on social media to find out how they can help you.

Bag dimensions without handle: 25cm long and 30cm high

Handle measurements: 57 cm (you can make a smaller handle and make a handbag) let your creativity flow.

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