Jubba Luna Boots - Limited Edition


With authenticity, we use our superpowers to give life to everthing that has been put aside and is no longer used.

Each JUBBA pair is made from textile waste, in order to increase the lifespan of something that already exists. Therefore, no pair is like any other and the differences between pairs translate their life story.

If you want to make Jubba boots from your pair of jeans, please contact our support emails. We give you 10% discount on the purchase of boots made from the donation of your pants. Let's recycle your jeans and make the world better!!

Note that the image shown is only figurative. Each pair has a different tone due to being a reuse of material (in this case the jeans never have the same washes) 

Material: 100% denim
Lining: 100% cotton twill
Hell size - 6 cm


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