Hand polished stainless steel vase

Hand polished stainless steel vase, produced in Portugal

Narciso, inspired by the myth of Narcissus, creates a dialogue between the flowers placed in it and their own reflection on the surface of the two hand polished wings.
The two metal wings are wedged into the cilindrical base and can be bent by hand to the desired angle, producing diferent reflections of whats placed in the vase.

It was in the beginning of 2020, in the midst of covid confinement, that the concept for the Narciso vase was born.  
While breaking down barriers between the interior and the exterior, the Narciso vase seeks, like a window, to bring Nature into our homes. 
Looking into the similarity present in the reflections and the challenge of distinguishing real from duplicate, other perspectives of the surrounding space are contemplated, hypnotizing the natural elements, which, as in the tale of Narcissus , are infatuated over their own reflection until they eventually perish.


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