Saudade Design

Comporta Rug



Washable rug handmade in Portugal with 100% Upcycled Cotton.

Saudade creations reflect the blend of traditional crafts from yesteryear, modern artistic interpretations with a complete sustainable approach. Inspirations brought to life by French artist Delphine Chopard.

This exclusive design is an hymn to Comporta’s chic simplicity. Its lines, as if in weightlessness, remind us of the rice fields between land and ocean.

In addition to the upcycled nature of their composition, the durability of Saudade rugs is literally experienced: they are ultra resistant. We give a second life to cotton waste through timeless designs. We finally achieved our goal of zero waste, plus, we save up to 90% water and energy in the manufacturing process (vs regular rug)

Saudade rugs and cushions are machine washable. They are hairless and lint free.

The 100% upcycled cotton composition ensures the hypoallergenic and antibacterial character of our rugs.

Size: 170 x 240 cm

Colors: Creamy white with deep black and elegant grey lines


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