Ayla Kit Diy Macramé plant hanger


By Cord Design

They used the traditional methods of cord art and created a "Do It Yourself" KIT for a modern and minimalist macramé plant hanger to hold nature in your favorite spot.

This kit contains:

  • QR code / link to access the tutorial video
  • 1 metal rings
  • 26.5m of 4mm 100%  cotton rope pre-cut to lenght


This Kit is suitable for beginners. As extra material you will need scissors and tape. You can also use the help of a hanger holder or a coat hanger. They have the most detailed explanation of the knots on YouTube channel so you can use it as a support.

Any questions send an email to or get in touch on social media to find out how they can help you.

Total Lenght: 1.10m

Collaboration Inguz Studio x Cord Design

What inspires us is the planet, all its colors, sounds and smells that cohabit here. We share the passion for working in cord and manual, the reuse of materials... of nature, and we embrace slow together. In this collaboration the pieces that are born are part of our soul, a piece of our heart, a moment of our life where we dedicate ourselves to the creation, with our hands, a light and modern collection where each piece is made one by one and we work with such joy and dedication. 

Juliana and Zé

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