Graça Paz

As within so without #1


This year has been a cathartic year for all of us, and in the process of an artist these moments are not only crucial in his art, but they also make him have the ability to remain in the Present. This year my work of watercolour and not only, develops on a theme that gives a Mother Title to all the series, and then divides into subtitles,

Peace in the eye of the storm, a tribute to 2020, because I discovered that the only place that remains intact, when a tornado passes is the one in the eye of the storm, so sometimes we are perplexed how everything in its passage has been devastated less, a particular house that remains stoically standing and untouched. I think that this is very representative of the individual search in each one of us and it is this energy of Peace that carries these watercolors. 

Studying papers was something I dedicated and dedicate whenever I need, and I have a precious thing that is Time and it is in this Time that wonderful paper companies are kept throughout Centuries. These sheets come from an Italian company that started its practice in 1404, which is unbelievable.  - Graça Paz

Measure -Diameter 30cm

A certificate of authenticity accompanies this numbered watercolor.

You can buy this watercolor together with frame in crystal acrylic and birch wood from behind, designed by the artist (Delivery one month after purchase)


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