Sebastião Paz Costa, born in 1995 in Porto, Portugal, has a bachelor in Visual Arts - Multimedia from FBAUP. He currently resides and has his studio in Esposende. His work focuses on the painting practice, through which he intends to create a visual language that stays constant facing the natural changes and evolutions of the creative process.

Through his images Sebastião wants to go back to himself and his essence. The studio is a calm space where he continues an intimate relationship that has been developing through the years - between the artist and his materials. Curiosity and the unknown motivate Sebastião to create more images to enlarge, contemplate and share. Naturally expansive, he articulates various means of expression in a way that is characteristic to the artist’s way of being. He maintains contact with color through his paintings, and with his feminine energy though dance and the language of Vogue, an art form that rose in the Queer Black and Latin Ballroom Community. His practices balance the contrasts of masculine / feminine, order / freedom, contained / expansive, calm / movement, solitude / community. Sebastião Paz Costa alongside John Faifer, artist and partner, form JUNTO (, a creative studio that concentrares in the daily practice of two artists that share a space where their works meet.