Tea Towels
Paula Franco is the founder of Luz Editions. Luz Editions is made up of stories: the stories of a people, the stories of a country, the stories of life.
To do this, she went to the origins of Portuguese traditions and heritage through photographs and reinvented them through textiles and texts. This first collection was created as an ode to the land and the sea, to our values as human beings and our connection with mother earth, based on the photographs of Artur Pastor.
The desire to create small, limited collections is dictated by the human side of handmade and rarity. Each collection will have a specific theme and photographer and will be limited in quantities. They will not be reissued.
Starting with printed tea towels seemed natural to her. Love and friendship are essentially lived around a table here. So, what could be more normal than imagining this essential piece of fabric in a kitchen to transmit our history?