Dolls Design

A brand of handmade dolls. Founded in Lisbon, in 2012, by Benedetta Maxia, an Italian living in Portugal since 2003.

Each doll is carefully made by Benedetta in her studio and is always slightly different. The fabrics used are mostly old, recycled, limited edition, or collected from samples.

The brand is organized by collections, featuring distinct characteristics. Some are thought of as toys - original pieces made with soft, resistant materials, and sometimes with a pedagogical purpose. Others are thought of as an art object - pieces inspired by real characters, made in limited edition, numbered, and where each small detail is essential.

In addition to the collections, the brand develops unique and personalized dolls, made to order, based on photographs of real people. Throughout its existence, the brand has collaborated with several creators and entities such as the fashion designer Alexandra Moura, Burel Mountain Originals or the publisher Alfarroba. Since 2019, it has also been part of the Portugal Manual platform, where it has participated in several events to promote Portuguese brands abroad and in Portugal. Her work has been published in magazines such as the American 'Stuffed - The Crafting of Softies', as well as the Dutch 'Textiel Plus' and 'FLOW Netherlands'.