Upcoming events in February!

As February knocks on our doors with promises of love, renewal, and artistic endeavors, we at Kintu Studio are thrilled to embark on another month of creativity, innovation, and inspiration. With the new year still fresh in our minds, we're eager to build upon the momentum of January and delve deeper into our passion for storytelling through visual mediums.



SENSUAL FEBRUARY with Kintu Studio

A Selection of Kinky Pieces by Local Artists


Date & Time: 17th February 2024, 4 - 8 pm

📍 Location: KINTU STUDIO Rua Poiais de Sao Bento 58, Lisbon


Ditch the clichés and redefine February with us at Kintu! Love takes a sultry turn as we invite artists to unveil their unique renditions of passion, where the unconventional meets art in a cloak of mystery. On February 17, as the city sleeps, join us at Kintu for an exclusive showcase of specially crafted items, each a tantalizing blend of uniqueness and allure. Embrace the extraordinary this February, where Kinky collides with art, and every piece tells a story of sensuality reimagined.

To complement this sensorial journey, we have partnered with Why Not, the creators of exquisite non-alcoholic craft sodas from Portugal. Experience the broad flavors of Why Not soda, enhancing the fusion of art and sensory pleasure.










+ Special Kinky Cake by @s.u.g.a.r___d.a.d.d.y